Population ageing is one of the most significant trends of the 21st century. It has important and far-reaching implications for all aspects of societies. In a broader sense, longevity is defined as not only the length of one’s life but holistically, that is, it encompasses among others, the entire ecosystem around longevity such as life sciences, biotechnology, medicine, advancement in health technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence, financial services, fintech, Age tech, capacity, and skill development.
The longevity economy offers opportunities to financial services companies, banks, pension funds, asset management firms, insurance companies. Global estimates suggest that the population of the silver generation, which is ever expanding and holds spending power, is over one billion. We have an opportunity to transform the deficit-model of aging into the asset-model of healthy longevity which is a multi-trillion-dollar business opportunity. The InFinity Forum 2.0 will have a session on “Silver Track: Longevity Finance Hub at GIFT IFSC” which will culminate in the launch of the Longevity Economy Cohort by IFSCA.
The Longevity Economy cohort will focus on “Integrating Age-Tech” with financial services by adapting multi-dimensional elements such as AI, FinTech, BankTech, WealthTech, PensionTech, InsureTech, etc. The Cohort registration for applications would be made open on the launch day on December 09, 2023. The Cohort programme would entail talks/sessions by mentors to help participants firm up their solutions, roundtable, seminars, and a demo day for the participants successful in the screening and assessment rounds. The product/solutions proposed in the Cohort may serve as the barometer for the future activities of the Global Longevity Hub.
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