Plenary Track: Making of a New Age International Financial Centre

While the traditional centres evolved as a result of growth in international trade and commerce, the new age IFCs have been developed by countries through a more calibrated approach with a view to onshore international financial services business and acquire global expertise in niche and emerging financial services activities. Among the various specialized international financial services that are emerging; sustainable finance and longevity finance are currently the most relevant across the globe. With the growing elderly population in the world, there is an acute need for longevity finance through banking/financial services, formal health/retirement schemes, and various support systems....
IFSCA had earlier formulated Expert Committees on Sustainable Finance and Longevity Finance and received their reports. It is now time to implement and take this initiative further.
Plenary Track shall discuss various potential new age financial services which can be on shored at GIFT IFSC to become a leader in specialised and new age international financial services.
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Green Track: Making a case for a “Green Stack”

One of the mandates of International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) is to develop GIFT IFSC as a global hub for sustainable finance. The Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi recently visited GIFT IFSC on July 29, 2022, to inaugurate various initiatives undertaken by IFSCA. During his speech, he mentioned “I want GIFT to be a gateway for global equity and debt capital for sustainable development.” In addition to the above, the Hon’ble Finance Minister during the last union budget speech of F.Y. 2022-25 announced that,“services for global capital for sustainable & climate finance in the country will be facilitated in the GIFT City”....
Green Track shall focus on building blocks for developing a “Green Stack” and can countries collaborate to build such a stack. Explore whether the stack could address the challenges faced in different carbon markets (VCM/CCM), green-finance, Transition Finance
Please click here for the Report of the Expert Committee on Sustainable Finance
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Silver Track: Longevity Finance Hub at GIFT IFSC

Welcome to the future of finance! Introducing Longevity Finance, the ultimate platform for forward-thinking financial institutions and healthcare providers. As health becomes an asset class for investment, the longevity economy presents unparalleled opportunities...
Building a strong longevity finance hub at GIFT IFSC can open-up opportunities to health care service providers, banks, wealth management firms, insurance companies, and tech-based companies in developing products/services to cater to the need of aging populations.
Silver Track shall focus on “integrating Age-Tech” with financial services by adapting multi-dimensional elements such as AI, FinTech, BankTech, WealthTech, PensionTech, InsureTech, etc to build a Longevity Finance Hub at GIFT IFSC
Please Click Here for the Report of the Expert Committee on Longevity Finance

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